Week 1: The First Blog!

Alright folks,

So after a few weeks back in sunny Salford, lectures have commenced! One particular point of interest for this semester has been the lectures on Advanced Multimedia and in particular, the ‘digital shadow‘.  This basically is referring to a user’s presence on the web and the information that is stored on that user. Items such as videos, comments and photos can all be picked up on and looked at by potential employers and can be crucial when making a decision to employ someone. A bit scary huh?

Below are a few things I managed to pick up on MYSELF when searching on the World Wide Web.



  1. travis1988 Said:

    That is a good firm mate. When did you make that one? The area that you live in look cool lol. good arting from your co-stars. I would of been better if you yets a stadecam make the firm look lots better lol.

    anyway where you to MR!! you miss Advanced Multimedia good lesson. I would of never ot into bloging with this lesson lol . you dont suck you rock

    rock on

  2. Sakalas Said:

    Does your car still have that sausage stain?

  3. bennunn Said:

    No, believe it or not.

    I have since washed it.

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