Dead by Sunrise ‘Out of Ashes’.

Hello once again to you out there.

As most of you may have guessed, I am a massive Linkin Park fan and so thought I’d drop in and write a very brief summary of Chester Bennington’s new band, Dead by Sunrise and their brand new album, ‘Out of Ashes’, that was released on the 12/10/09.

The first time that I played the album I have to say I wasn’t really that impressed. However, the more times that I play it, the more it grows on me. This album really shows Chester spilling out his emotions as he tackles issues that he has faced during his lifetime such as divorce, alcohol addiction and drug use as well as some more positive things such as finding love again and re marriage. The album is ridden with vocal harmonies that really demonstrate the Linkin Park frontman’s talent. Songs such as first single, ‘Crawl Back In’, demonstrate aggression and gritty vocals that are backed by a powerful rock guitar riff that you will be humming all day after listening to it, whilst the more mellow ‘Give Me Your Name’ creates a calming mood that allows the listener to take a break from the sheer vocal power. Album closer, ‘In The Darkness’, once again demonstrates the vocal talent of Bennington through some of the albums most dark and meaningful lyrics and brings the album to a nicely rounded close.

Overall, this album is nowhere near as good as any of Linkin Park’s back catalogue but what would you expect, there is only one sixth of the multi – platinum award winning formula within Dead by Sunrise, however, overall Chester has done really well and has once again proved that he is one of the worlds greatest modern rock singers.

Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes



  1. visuadelic Said:

    Hey Man…LP are legends; its really fascinating the way they combine art and music in their album. the mixture of chester vocals, mikes lyrics and mr.hahn’s scratches..its just art !!! at least it used to be…i mean Transformers soundtrack??? unfortunately they took the downroad a long time ago.
    i haven’t heard of Chester’s new band though…i’ll give it a listen…nice review;

  2. bennunn Said:

    Cheers man.

    Thats pretty much the reason I love them. I agree with you that the way in which that they manage to combine their music, art and other elements is pretty awesome. However, I think that ‘Minutes to Midnight’ was a good move for them. If they had carried on with the same stuff, i.e, Hybrid Theory, it could have gotten pretty boring (although I don’t like to say so). Still at the end of the day its a matter of opinion I guess.

    You should definantly check the ‘Dead By Sunrise’ stuff out. Give it a chance though if you do as its a definate grower.

    Many thanks,


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