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Mobile Phone Film – “The Move”.


Wow I haven’t been on here for ages but as I’m sure you can all imagine, I have been absolutely rammed with work. Just thought that you may be interested to know that I have been working on a new film that has been compiled entirely on mobile phones. The film is called “The Move” and pieces together the story of two students who move into a new house with their friend. The friend is then brutally murdered by the new housemates. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that both of the new housemates had planned the killing. The movie is comprised as videophone footage (used by the police as evidence) shot by the two murderers of their benign activities and it doesn’t become apparent that they are planning to murder their new roommate until the last act.

If you fancy having a look at the film or want to find out more details then please feel free to check the links out below…

The Move

Kestrul Super’s Wiki

Kestrul Super’s Flickr Account

Like I said, please feel free to comment.

See you soon.



Hello once again.

So I went to see the mighty Green Day on Saturday night at the MEN Arena in town. I said I was going to write a review for this gig but instead I just thought I would give you a brief statement to describe it for you.

Here we go…


I think that says it all. Next time they tour the UK, go and see them.

Green Day Live

Here is the setlist…

  • 1. Song of the Century
  • 2. 21st Century Breakdown
  • 3. Know Your Enemy
  • 4. East Jesus Nowhere
  • 5. Holiday
  • 6. The Static Age
  • 7. Give Me Novacaine
  • 8. Are We The Waiting
  • 9. St. Jimmy
  • 10. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  • 11. Hitchin’ A Ride
  • 12. Welcome To Paradise
  • 13. Going to Pasalacqua
  • 14. Iron Man/Eruption/Purple Haze
  • 15. Brain Stew
  • 16. Jaded
  • 17. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
  • 18. Basket Case
  • 19. She
  • 20. King For A Day
  • 21. Yakety Sax/Monster Mash/Shout!/Champagne Supernova/Ever Fallen In Love/Teenage
  • Kicks/Hey Jude
  • 22. 21 Guns
  • 23. American Eulogy


  • 24. American Idiot
  • 25. Jesus Of Suburbia
  • 26. Minority

Encore 2:

  • 27. Last Night on Earth
  • 28. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  • 29. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Also check out the pictures at…

Sorry for not posting this sooner but I’ve only just properly recovered.

See you soon.

Fightstar Review: Manchester Academy 1 (27/10/09).

Hello again!

As promised here is the review from the Fightstar gig I went to at the academy in Manchester last night. Hope you enjoy!

Since starting out 6 years ago, Fightstar have come a long way. The band has crafted an impressive back catalogue of songs over 3 studio albums, several EP’s and b – side album ‘Alternate Endings’.

Last nights set saw the band perform a selection of their biggest hits to date. From the moment Charlie Simpson and co took to the stage, the crowd was eating from the palm of their hand. The band opened the set with ‘Tannhäuser Gate’, a song with the capability to cause chaos with its pounding double bass drum pedal intro stirring the venue into frenzy. The tempo was kept up as the band launched into the second song ‘Colours Bleed To Red’ but the first time that the crowd went absolutely mental was in new album ‘Be Human’s first single ‘The English Way’. Several times during the song, Simpson dropped his vocals and allowed the crowd to carry the lyrics for him, each member of the audience only to happy to oblige. Next on the bill was a special treat. The guys played a new song called ‘City On Fire’ which was received well by all of the audience.2 more tracks from ‘Be Human’ were played next, ‘Mercury Summer’ once again causing the crowds singing to overpower the venue’s PA. After this the band took a step back to a selection of tracks from first album ‘Grand Unification’, playing hits such as ‘Paint Your Target’ and also playing ‘Until Then’. The bands set was brought to a close by (in my opinion) 6 of their strongest songs. From ‘We Apologise For Nothing’ to ‘War Machine’, the crowd were once again singing at the top of their voices and having a great time running into each other in the various ‘pits’ that had erupted throughout the venue. Then to the finale! The band reappeared on stage to play their encore and first single ‘Palahniuk’s Laughter’. This is the crown jewel of the back catalogue and as always proceeds to plunge the crowd into absolute mayhem, every person screaming at the top of their voice!

An amazing night overall but the only downside for me personally was that ‘Mono’ was left from the set. Hopefully that song will be in the set at the next Fightstar gig I go to!

Set list for Manchester Academy (27/10/09)

  • Tannhäuser Gate
  • Colours Bleed to Red
  • The English Way
  • City on Fire
  • Chemical Blood
  • Mercury Summer
  • Paint Your Target
  • Until Then
  • We Apologise For Nothing
  • Amaze Us
  • Grand Unification (Part 1)
  • Deathcar
  • War Machine


  • Palahniuk’s Laughter

Fightstar Live.

Gigs and Stuff.

I’m very excited this week!

I have a few manic evenings of gig madness coming up on Tuesday and Saturday. First off, I’m going to see Fightstar. I’ve seen them almost as many times as I have seen Linkin Park and they never fail to put on a good show. Expect to see me nursing a sore neck and throat on Wednesday as a result of some pretty hardcore moshing.


Then secondly, the big one! On Saturday I’m off to the MEN to see everyone’s favourite punk rock/pop trio, GREEN DAY! I can’t wait for that. I’ve seen them once before when they played the MK bowl and they absolutely blew me away. This gig will be a straight three hours of singing (oh dear) so I may have lost my voice for the beginning of next week.

Green Day

I’ll update after each.

I’ve also been putting in some serious rehearsal time for my own musical ventures. My band ‘The Abstracts’ (check us out on the blog roll) have a few gigs coming up and some recording sessions that I’m hoping to produce (if the studio will let me get on their massive desk!). I’ve been playing for at least three hours (on and off) a day and so far haven’t had any complaints from the neighbours or anyone else. So all is good.

I’ll keep on writing my speech for the Christmas lights turn on when we play back home in November.

Speak to you soon.

Dead by Sunrise ‘Out of Ashes’.

Hello once again to you out there.

As most of you may have guessed, I am a massive Linkin Park fan and so thought I’d drop in and write a very brief summary of Chester Bennington’s new band, Dead by Sunrise and their brand new album, ‘Out of Ashes’, that was released on the 12/10/09.

The first time that I played the album I have to say I wasn’t really that impressed. However, the more times that I play it, the more it grows on me. This album really shows Chester spilling out his emotions as he tackles issues that he has faced during his lifetime such as divorce, alcohol addiction and drug use as well as some more positive things such as finding love again and re marriage. The album is ridden with vocal harmonies that really demonstrate the Linkin Park frontman’s talent. Songs such as first single, ‘Crawl Back In’, demonstrate aggression and gritty vocals that are backed by a powerful rock guitar riff that you will be humming all day after listening to it, whilst the more mellow ‘Give Me Your Name’ creates a calming mood that allows the listener to take a break from the sheer vocal power. Album closer, ‘In The Darkness’, once again demonstrates the vocal talent of Bennington through some of the albums most dark and meaningful lyrics and brings the album to a nicely rounded close.

Overall, this album is nowhere near as good as any of Linkin Park’s back catalogue but what would you expect, there is only one sixth of the multi – platinum award winning formula within Dead by Sunrise, however, overall Chester has done really well and has once again proved that he is one of the worlds greatest modern rock singers.

Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes