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Hello once again.

So I went to see the mighty Green Day on Saturday night at the MEN Arena in town. I said I was going to write a review for this gig but instead I just thought I would give you a brief statement to describe it for you.

Here we go…


I think that says it all. Next time they tour the UK, go and see them.

Green Day Live

Here is the setlist…

  • 1. Song of the Century
  • 2. 21st Century Breakdown
  • 3. Know Your Enemy
  • 4. East Jesus Nowhere
  • 5. Holiday
  • 6. The Static Age
  • 7. Give Me Novacaine
  • 8. Are We The Waiting
  • 9. St. Jimmy
  • 10. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  • 11. Hitchin’ A Ride
  • 12. Welcome To Paradise
  • 13. Going to Pasalacqua
  • 14. Iron Man/Eruption/Purple Haze
  • 15. Brain Stew
  • 16. Jaded
  • 17. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
  • 18. Basket Case
  • 19. She
  • 20. King For A Day
  • 21. Yakety Sax/Monster Mash/Shout!/Champagne Supernova/Ever Fallen In Love/Teenage
  • Kicks/Hey Jude
  • 22. 21 Guns
  • 23. American Eulogy


  • 24. American Idiot
  • 25. Jesus Of Suburbia
  • 26. Minority

Encore 2:

  • 27. Last Night on Earth
  • 28. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  • 29. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Also check out the pictures at…

Sorry for not posting this sooner but I’ve only just properly recovered.

See you soon.


Gigs and Stuff.

I’m very excited this week!

I have a few manic evenings of gig madness coming up on Tuesday and Saturday. First off, I’m going to see Fightstar. I’ve seen them almost as many times as I have seen Linkin Park and they never fail to put on a good show. Expect to see me nursing a sore neck and throat on Wednesday as a result of some pretty hardcore moshing.


Then secondly, the big one! On Saturday I’m off to the MEN to see everyone’s favourite punk rock/pop trio, GREEN DAY! I can’t wait for that. I’ve seen them once before when they played the MK bowl and they absolutely blew me away. This gig will be a straight three hours of singing (oh dear) so I may have lost my voice for the beginning of next week.

Green Day

I’ll update after each.

I’ve also been putting in some serious rehearsal time for my own musical ventures. My band ‘The Abstracts’ (check us out on the blog roll) have a few gigs coming up and some recording sessions that I’m hoping to produce (if the studio will let me get on their massive desk!). I’ve been playing for at least three hours (on and off) a day and so far haven’t had any complaints from the neighbours or anyone else. So all is good.

I’ll keep on writing my speech for the Christmas lights turn on when we play back home in November.

Speak to you soon.